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About Housing Choices

Housing Choices is an enhanced housing options and advice directory for home seekers within North West Leicestershire.

This website has information on a variety of housing products currently available including, rented accommodation, affordable housing (shared ownership, intermediate and affordable rent etc.) and supported housing (information for those who need assistance in a tenancy).
We will also provide information on advice services available within the District, which may be able to help you when you are looking to stay in the home you are currently in or wishing to move to a new home.

You will be able to register with the service, which will involve providing us with some personal data. Please see Terms and Conditions about how we use this data.
Registering with the service enables us to assess your circumstances, as you have told us, and advise you on the available housing options within North West Leicestershire.
We will contact you by email or text message to inform you of new housing options across when they become available so that you are kept up to date.


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