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Finding a Job 

Getting into work


Finding work in the UK has become increasingly harder in the past few years and North West Leicestershire is no exception. But there are jobs out there if you look hard and keep trying.

If you feel like you would benefit from help or support in finding work or getting back into education or training then there are a number of services in North West Leicestershire that can help you.

More Information

You may feel that you need help in writing application forms or CV's to send to employers or you may be unsure about how benefits would be affected when you find a job.  Or you may need help to get transport or clothing for an interview.

There are lots of agencies that can give you help with these and many other issues.  For example, Coalville Library has a weekly job club where anyone of any age can get advice from trained helpers.  There is also a job club at Greenhill Youth Centre on a Thursday afternoon.

In North West Leicestershire an agency called Acorn Training can work with you for 12 months as an individual family member or as a whole family to mentor you through difficulties.  Call 0845 643 6476 or click on the link to their website on the right hand side.

For young people there is a consortium of voluntary projects throughout North West Leicestershire who offer work experience, foundation learning skills and volunteering placements.  The link is on the right hand side under Whitwick Community Enterprises.

And for other advice on benefits and courses that are available go to the Job Centre Plus Website.

Who is typically eligible?

Anyone who is looking for work.

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