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Domestic Abuse 


If you are experiencing Domestic Abuse or if someone you know is suffering from Domestic Abuse it can be a very frightening and confusing time.  Women and men can be victims of Domestic Abuse, either physical or emotional, and all people experiencing this are treated equally by the housing services.


More Information

There are agencies in North West Leicestershire that can help you to get away from the situation and put in other measures to keep you safe.

If you are fleeing Domestic Abuse you will get emergency housing from the Council while we work with you and other agencies to figure out what will be best for you in the future.   As a victim of Domestic Abuse, you can go to any council in England and Wales  and you will be given emergency accommodation.

Support for people who are experienceing Domestic Abuse or Sexual Violence in Leicester or Leicestershire is provided by UAVA (United Against Violence and Abuse).  The helpline number is 0808 802 0016

Sometimes the best option for someone experiencing Domestic Abuse may be to get some extra security measures in your home rather than moving away from the area.  There is a scheme in North West Leicestershire called the Sanctuary Scheme which can provide this.  For more information click on the Sanctuary Scheme related article on the right hand side.


Who is typically eligible?

Anyone suffering physical or emotional abuse at home is eligible to get help from the Domestic Abuse Services

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