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Harrassment and Unlawful Eviction 

Private Rented Accomodation


Tenants have certain rights and responsibilities - even if they're not mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Some rights and responsibilities apply to all tenancies. Others are set out in the legislation that applies to the particular type of tenancy you have.

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It is a criminal offence for a landlord or an agent to unlawfully evict a residential occupier and offenders can face substantial fines or even imprisonment.

In most instances unless a tenant wishes to leave voluntarily, a tenant will have the right not to be evicted from their accommodation until the landlord has first obtained a possession order from the court and had that order enforced by a bailiff appointed by the county court.

However, there are some important exceptions to this rule especially if your landlord lives in the same accommodation. If you have a resident landlord in some circumstances the landlord is not required to go to court to evict you. You should always seek advice on the type of tenancy which you hold.


Who is typically eligible?

Anyone living in private rented accomodation who is struggling with harrassment or who is threatened with unlawful eviction

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When can my landlord enter the property?

    Your landlord can only enter the property having given "reasonable notice". This normally means 24 hours and only then if you agree!.

    If your landlord enters your home without giving notice this may be regarded as harassment. You can contact your Housing Choices Team for further advice.

    What is the best way to ask my landlord to carry out a repair?

    When a repair is needed you should tell the landlord as soon as possible. It's always a good idea to put your request in writing and to keep a copy of the letter. You should give the landlord a 'reasonable' period of time within which to carry out the repair.


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