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Housing Benefit 

Local Housing Allowance


Housing Benefit is help towards your rent. You can apply for Housing Benefit if you are living on a low income and need help to pay your rent. You may also be entitled to Council tax benefit.


More Information

If you are living on a low income, you may be entitled to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. You could also be eligible if you are claiming Employment Support Allowance; Incapacity Benefit; Income Support; Pension Credit or are in employment but on a low income.

To claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit you will need to fill in a Benefit application form and provide evidence to support your claim.

How much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit you can receive is based on the following criteria:

  • Your income
  • Savings
  • The rent and Council Tax you pay
  • What is included in your rent
  • The circumstances of other people living with you
  • Whether you are claiming other benefits or tax credits

If your savings and investments are over £16,000 you are not entitled to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, unless you are aged over 60 and receive Guaranteed Pension Credit.

 Click on the link to the benefits calculator on the right hand side of the page.

Who is typically eligible?

This will depend on your individual or family circumstances


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Local Housing Allowance (LHA)?

    LHA is a flat rate allowance towards rent costs, based on the area where you live and the number of people who live with you. It is not based on the rent that your landlord charges for your property. The Rent Service does not need to look at your property to decide the amount of rent that will be used to calculate your benefit.


    Who does the money get paid to?

    •If you are a council tenant, a credit is made to your rent account
    •If you are the tenant of a social or private landlord, we will send either you, or your landlord if you prefer, a bank credit payment every four weeks. If you are in arrears by eight weeks or more, your Housing benefit must be paid directly to your landlord.

    What is the golden promise?

    The Golden Promise is our new, fast track service.  We want to improve our service to you by speeding up the time it takes to process your new claim or change in circumstances.

    If you supply all of the information and supporting evidence that we need for your new claim or change in circumstances in one visit, we promise to process it within one working day.

    How do I apply for Housing Benefit?

    If you are making a claim for Income Support, Employment & Support Allowance or Jobseekers Allowance, the Jobcentre will ask if you would also like to claim Housing benefit. They will normally take details over the phone and complete a form which will then be forwarded to us for processing.

    If you are making a claim for Pension Credit, the Pension Service will ask you about claiming Housing benefit.

    If you are not claiming Pension Credit, Employment & Support Allowance, Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance etc, you should get a claim form from us or download one. We can also arrange to visit you in your own home to complete the form for you.


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