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Swapping your home 

Swapping your home


There are situations when people are looking to move to a larger or smaller home, either because the family has grown up and moved on, or they need more room. Alternatively, people may wish to move closer to family and friends.

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Whatever the situation, a mutual exchange will normally be allowed where:

  • Both homes are of a suitable size
  • Neither of the tenants involved owe any rent
  • Both homes are in an acceptable condition and the council will not have to carry out any decoration or repairs
  • both tenants have secure tenancies

You can swap within or outside the district and can even apply to swap with someone living in housing association property, provided the above criteria are met.

In the UK there is a website called Homeswapper which will give you all the information you need.  Simply register your interest and then browse houses available in North West Leicestershire, Leicestershire or throughout the country.  

Click on the HomeSwapper link on the right hand side of the page.

Who is typically eligible?

Tenants of Local Authority or Social Housing

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