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Housing for young people 

Information for young people


If you are a young person and you are thinking of leaving home for the first time it is important that you plan your move very carefully before you go. If you react to a situation and just get up and leave without any thought for where to go, you may find yourself out on the street or relying on friends.

This section will give you more information about your options.

More Information

If you experiencing constant arguments with your family or the people you live with and you are at the end of your tether or if you have been asked to leave, the best option for you is to try and sort out the problems so that you can stay.  At the council we can offer you help and advice to work through the issues and you can also get support through our mediation service. The link for this service is on the right hand side.

However if you are unable to sort out the issues you need to plan your move carefully, to get advice and help from the council and from other services so that you don't find yourself living on friend's sofas or out on the street.   Consider the following points:

  • You’ll have to pay the rent, bills and buy your own food.
  • You’ll have to spend a lot of your money on furniture.
  • You’ll have less money to spend on going out and doing fun things.
  • You’ll have to do your own shopping.
  • You’ll have to clean up and do all the house work.
  • You’ll sometimes get lonely and scared.
  • You'll have to repair things when they get broken or pay someone to do it.

Money is a big factor in being able to manage your own home and live independently.  For more information and to assess if you have enough money for rent, bills and living costs, follow the links on the right hand side.

Who is typically eligible?

16 - 35 years

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