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Social and council housing is rented housing that is provided by a Local Authority, e.g. North West Leicestershire District Council, or a Housing Association (Registered Social Landlord).

Social Housing is given to people who have the most housing needs so applications are sorted out by using a system of  priority bands.

More Information

In North West Liicestershire lots of people qualify for housing but not very many properties are available.  This means that homeseekers are unlikely to find a home immediately.

To try and make it quicker and easier for people to find a home, North West Leicestershire District Council uses a system called Choice Based Lettings to allocate council housing and some housing association properties.  All the following seven district councils of Leicestershire combine to offer this service:-
• Blaby
• Charnwood
• Harborough
• Hinckley & Bosworth
• Melton
• North West Leicestershire
• Oadby and Wigston

Preference for allocating homes in North West Leicestershire are given to people who already live here or who have a connection to the district but at least 10% of all empty homes are open to any home seeker registered with one of the seven Leicestershire Councils listed above.

For more information about Choice Based Lettings or to fill in the application form, please click on the link on the right hand side of the page

Who is typically eligible?

People aged 18+ can hold their own tenancy

People aged 16 and 17 can apply through Choice Based Lettings but would need a guarantor to hold the tenancy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can i change the details on my application?

    Sometimes you may need to ammend your application, for example, if you would like to add or remove someone from the application, change your address or other details.

    To do this, you need to log onto your Housing register on www.nwleics-homes.org.uk,  click on the grey tab "my housing register" and then make the changes you require.

    For some changes, the Council will require proof, e.g. if you are changing your address we will need to see a utility bill or tenancy agreement for the new address.  When we receive notification of your change we will decide what proof we need and write or email you within 10 working days. 

    How long will it take to be housed?

    We cannot say as it depends on availability of suitable housing and who else maybe bidding .

    What is my memorable date?

    The main Homeseeker Applicant's Date of Birth is your memorable date.  E,g. if the main applicants birthday is 01 January 1989, the memorable date will be 01/01/1989

    How many bedroom property can I bid for ?

    Please click on the link showing "properties home seekers can bid for matrix".

    I was number 1 when bidding and now I am number 12 . How can this happen ?

    This is because bidding is open for a week and people can bid at anytime within that 7 day period.  As more people place bids then your bidding position can change. 

    I can’t submit an on line application as i get a message saying that my National Insurance No and Date of Birth is already on the system.

    This means that you have previously completed an application.  You will always keep the same Homeseeker unique reference number which is 5 digits long and begins with the number 6 . To submit an online application go to www.nwleics-homes.org.uk and log in using your unique reference number and the main homeseeker applicants date of birth which is your memorable date.  Then complete your application.

    How do I know what number I ended up after bidding closes ?

    You need to log onto your Housing register on www.nwleics-homes.org.uk and click on the grey tab  "my bids". This will show what number you were after bidding has closed.

    I have just completed an on-line application and it says you need proofs. What are they and when do I bring them in?

    Once an application form is received then we check the form is fully completed with all the information.  We will write / email you within 10 working days with a list of the documents that we require.

    How can I check whether a bid has registered ?

    You need to log onto your Housing register on www.nwleics-homes.org.uk and click on the grey tab  "my bids".  This will show you all your active bids. If no bid is showing on there then you have not placed the bid correctly and you will need to repeat the process.

    How do I make a housing application?

    Follow the link to Choice Based Lettings and download an application form.

    How long will it before I can bid ?

    Once you submit a fully completed application with all the supporting documents then it will take approximately 10 working days to process.

    How can I get the documents to the Council?

    a) You  can come into the Council offices and get a ticket for Housing desk where the documents will be copied.

    b) You can scan and email them to www.housing.advice@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

    c) You can post photocopies only to Housing Choices , North West Leicestershire District Council , Council Offices Whitwick Road , Coalville LE67 3FJ. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS THROUGH THE POST, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM.

    At what age can children have their own bedroom?

    Same sex children up to the age of 16 can share a bedroom.
    Different sex children up to age 10 can share a bedroom.

    What happens after bidding closes ?

    If you have finished number 1 after bidding has closed then your housing application will be checked to ensure the details are correct and you are eligible for the property. Once all checks have been completed then you could be contacted for a viewing.  You should continue to place bids on the next biding cycle as you are not automatically  guaranteed the property.

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