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Private Rented Accommodation 

Renting Privately


Have you considered renting a property from a private landlord?  There are advantages to trying this, for example, choice and location.  This section will help you to find out more about renting and about finding the right home for you.

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Advantages of renting privately:

  • More choice, private landlords have properties that are different types and are located around the area
  • Price, private houses can have cheaper rents depending on the type of property
  • Speed, private houses are often available much more quickly so you may be able to move straight away

Things to consider:

  • Make sure the house suits your needs, e.g. the correct number of bedrooms for your family
  • Is the house in good repair?
  • Can you afford the rent?  If you are on a low income you can get help with your rent through housing benefit
  • Do you need to pay a deposit or rent up front?  The council may be able to help you out with this through the rent deposit guarantee scheme
  • What sort of tenancy agreement will you get?  Will it be 6 months, a year or longer
  • Does your landlord act in a professional manner?  If they are a member of an organisation such as the Association of Residential Letting Agents this is a good sign.


Who is typically eligible?

All customers looking for private rented housing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get help with affording the deposit?

    In some circumstances, the Council may be able to help you with your deposit through our repayable rent deposit scheme. Contact the Housing Choices Team on 0800 952 0079 to see if you are eligible.

    How much money do I need to be able to get private rented accommodation?

    The amount of rent on the property depends on a number of things like size of house, where it is and so on.

    Make sure that you can afford the weekly or monthly amount before you sign up to live in the property.  You can check out the housing benefit advice section on the homeguide page to see how much you are entitled to.

    What will the deposit be?

    The deposit is usually the amount of a month's rent and a month in advance.  This means that if your paying £300 per month in rent you will need to pay £600 as an initial payment.


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