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Housing for older people 

Support and housing option for older people


Are you an older person who needs some information and advice about your housing situation?

There are many options available to you as your needs change.  You may feel that you would like to change your house or you may want to stay in your current home.  This page gives links and advice that can help you whatever your decision.

More Information

Many people do not plan to move home in later life so if you are finding it difficult to manage in your home but you would like to stay put, there are ways in which you can make life easier or safer. However if you are considering moving, there are several types of housing purpose-designed for elderly people. If you feel you need daily care, then there are also choices to make - between care in your home, care in a special housing setting, or moving into a care home.

Below is a list of the options available to you with links to guides and information produced by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) . In North West Leicestershire we dont have all the accommodation options listed but by using the search option on the EAC website you can see what is available.  The link to the EAC website is on the right hand side of the page.

Who is typically eligible?

People aged 60 years plus or aged 50 plus if on disability living allowance

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